One of my dearest friends recruited me to help her make a big sign that said HATE. The organization she was working for put it up at an event on a busy corner in Portland, Maine. People passing by would write someones name on a card and post in on the board over the word HATE. At the end of the night, HATE was effectively wiped out and covered up by all those cards.

I wish this was truly the case. HATE is all around. Regardless of how many words you hear or experiences a person has who transitions, just the fear of having to deal with hate is debilitating. The snide comments, the looks, the direct ignorance… or just plain hate, is one of the hardest obstacles to deal with and overcome. Even dear friends who can’t deal with a friend transitioning and instead of having an adult conversation, just slip away, makes for more stress than is necessary. HATE it leads to transgender individuals having such high suicide rates, low self esteem and extreme difficulty in our everyday lives.


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