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Conservation is hard work…

Doing conservation work is not always easy. In fact, it is usually very hard work. Collecting rocks, diging trenches, mixing cement, building rock walls. Enduring extreme heat and harsh desert conditions. Going days without showers or a roof over your … Continue reading

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Trunks Up!

A hearty Trunks Up to all my friends!!

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Do you smoke elephant dung?

Yes, you guessed it! While we were relaxing and not exactly sober in the elephant drinking/human plunge pool we decided to smoke elephant dung! One of the guys in our group rolled a generous bunch of the dried stuff into … Continue reading

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Pictures from last week!

  EHRA – Elephant-Human Relations Aid click this link to learn more! I sleep on the bottom floor, under roughly under the tarp (yes there are platforms in the tree like swiss family robinson!) I string up my hammock and … Continue reading

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So proud of my family!

Sometimes I am just so proud of my family!! right now my mom is vacationing in Florida for a week, dad’s in Barbados for business and pleasure for a couple weeks, sister in law is in Costa Rica for three … Continue reading

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Images from Namibia…

  Two kids from the local school we visited.   Susie, a professor from Connecticut talking with the local first grade teacher.   Aids education starts early with it being such a large problem in Africa.    It matters not … Continue reading

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Update from namibia…

The first week with the elephants has been cool. It’s building week where we build rock walls around water sources to protect them from the elephants. This helps keep the farmers happy so they don’t run off or shoot the … Continue reading

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and I’m off…

Today we head to the dessert and away from civilization for two weeks! I’ll be sleeping under the stars, building walls to protect water sources of small villages from elephants, tracking elephants and enjoying new friends! The group we have … Continue reading

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news flash!

I made it to Windhoek, Namibia today! Always an adventure… just to let everyone know my schedule. I will have internet connections through sunday evening on and off so will be able to update everyone before I leave. Yes MOM, … Continue reading

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last night in llandudno

just a few images from my last night here in Llandudno Bay before heading to the dessert for a couple months!   the waves were huge and powerful all day!   trying to make mother proud (note wine bottle in … Continue reading

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