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a thought…

Thoreau suggested that rather than judge ourselves/others by status and possessions; instead we should use as a benchmark the amount of free time we have created and what we do with it.

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Fathers Day…

Thanks Dad and Grandfather for all the good times skiing, hunting, fishing, building things, going to camp, doing yard work, driving the tractor, going snowmobiling and yes, all that good advice too such as: it’s not illegal if you don’t … Continue reading

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I refuse to shop at a place that makes me pay to shop there then makes me feel like a criminal when I leave because they check my receipt against what is in the card… how can I steal something … Continue reading

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Pamper yourself…

Yes, even guys(at least this one) like to indulge themselves in a pampering situation: candles, bath salts in a hot bath, chocolatini, popcorn, groovin tunes(blue october)… I’ve had some hard workouts lately and my muscles are tired… they appreciated my … Continue reading

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First Dates…

Last night my girlfriend and I decided to extend our evening with friends by getting dessert at The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant! The seating in there looks deceptively private. You get to sit beside each other in a booth … Continue reading

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Cold Showers…

One of my friends recently started dating again after a long long long long time. I was floored, as was he, when he got this e-mail from a lady he’d gone on a few dates with. What a lucky guy! … Continue reading

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Save the world… it only takes a couple minutes. watch it.

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Back from vacation… I mean work…

I drove my motorcycle over to my girlfriends house this past Saturday morning before we took off for Mexico. The weather was warm here before we left, about 70 degrees so I decided not to wear a jacket or gloves … Continue reading

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Spring Break…

Just because I’m 34 years old doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy going to Mexico for Spring Break with my girl! Tulum, Mexico for 5 days and 4 nights at a beautiful all inclusive resort (adult only). Okay, not exactly spring … Continue reading

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Starbucks and the downfall of society…

I have nothing against Starbucks, on the contrary, I love it. You can get great coffee in a wonderful atmosphere. Starbucks is socially and environmentally conscious too! But here is the problem: I went to Starbucks this morning to get … Continue reading

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