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The emotional component of making art.

Breakthroughs in art come from times of severe emotion. It is impossible to do important and moving work without that severe emotion.  After I posted these words to my Facebook status update, a friend asked me what precipitated this breakthrough. … Continue reading

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It was a tough decision to realize that my road trip was over. A few days earlier in JP’s workshop we were photographing White Rocks (Plaza Blanco) and I was done. I was making my way back to the car … Continue reading

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a thought…

Thoreau suggested that rather than judge ourselves/others by status and possessions; instead we should use as a benchmark the amount of free time we have created and what we do with it.

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a thought…

I once thought that if you were the best person you could be, you would be rewarded with some of the simple things in life you wanted. I have come to realize instead, that maybe if you are the best … Continue reading

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You don’t have to tell me twice!

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So very often, we don’t realize how much stress a situation or circumstance inflicts upon our lives until it disappears.

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The Way I See It #76…

The quotes you can find on Starbucks cups can be very wonderful! I first learned about this from a blog one of my friends does Quote of the Day. So this post is triple borrowed. Starbucks got the quote from … Continue reading

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Cleaning bathrooms…

I don’t really know why women are the ones who normally get the chore of cleaning the bathroom. I understand that women like clean bathrooms and are generally good at cleaning. But I think men have a better claim to … Continue reading

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I needed more balance in my life. I found it at the grocery store!

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I have this bowl full of sayings, mostly from tea and chocolates, but the random bottle top too. I look at them on occasion… They make me smile, think, reflect and gain perspective. Who would have thought the person in … Continue reading

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