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Go Vegetarian…

Because you’ve never heard of the Broccoli Flu! or Chick Pea Pox for that matter…also never heard of Mad Carrot Disease

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That’s all for today

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Green Electricity…

6I went Green on my electricity! Dominion power has the option to purchase power from all renewable energy sources. They say the average household goes through 1,000kWh/Month and at one and a half cents extra per kWh, your bill will … Continue reading

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My girlfriend is the best! She picked me out the BEST avocado at the store and dropped it off for me! I like mine halved with tuna fish mounded on top.

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My beautiful Sigg bottle. Much better than those plastic disposable water bottles, or those hard plastic bottles that infuse your drink with toxic chemicals. Sigg makes bottles in different sizes and with different designs! All are good for you and … Continue reading

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The Story of Stuff…

This video is a little long… about twenty minutes, but it is well worth watching. It gives you a better handle on our impact here on the earth.

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Save water, share a shower…

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St. Patricks Day…

Yesterday was St. Patricks Day, I wore green! But everytime I went to eat I thought my fork or spoon was dirty and gross because of the green reflection from my shirt! I never notice this feeling from wearing other … Continue reading

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Solar Power…

In getting ready for my upcoming trip to Africa(Botswana & Namibia) I am assembling some new equipment. This is a great tool for when you are unsure of the availability of power! You can chage your phone, batteries and computer(among … Continue reading

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Mason Jars…

Even if you don’t can, mason jars are wonderful things to have around. They don’t stain like plastic containers and they last a lot longer. You can also recycle them if you break it making for a very eco-friendly storage … Continue reading

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