April S. Hartford creates photographic based fine art that represents her life experiences and feelings by utilizing natural landscapes and self-portraiture. Her images are formed from her personal experiences, yet also commentate on our current societal conditions and universal human experiences.

Ms. Hartford has been lucky to find supporting individuals in her life such as fellow artist, John Paul Caponigro. Under his wing, April has found her artistic voice and proliferated as an artist. Participating in Caponigro's alumni group as both a student and mentor has lead to many breakthroughs and opportunities.

April was born in the early 1970's in rural Maine. The grandchild of two artists she was exposed to creativity early and often. Born Justin Andrew Hartford, she started her gender shift journey after leaving the family insurance business in the mid 2000's. Finding photography has been an outlet to metaphorically express that journey. To learn more about her transformation or transgender issues in general, you may visit her website at www.notjustin.me.


April S. Hartford
Photographic Based Fine Art

E-mail: April@AprilHartford.me

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