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Books available!!!

I have just update and released four books on Blurb! Please visit my blurb site for free previews. You can purchase either a hard copy book or iPad/iPhone versions!


cover of book - proserpina


Losing You

Losing you is a body of work that utilizes photographic based images of landscapes to explore common issues of growing up in modern society as it relates to our personalities and development as humans. This work explores our innate nature and how the choices we make are influenced by societies ideals.

This body of work is about finding myself and coming to terms and accepting who I really am. This work for me is about my journey to date as a transgender individual. I was born in a male body and with a female mind. From an early age I was conditioned as a male. Society thoroughly reinforced my behavior, my likes and dislikes and appropriate ways for a male to relate to others. I knew the ideals society was trying to place on me were not what I wanted but as a small boy growing up in rural Maine I was not strong enough to compete with societies influence. Sometimes societies influence was subtle and cunning, sometimes direct and overpowering. Later in life I found my own way, I recognized and accepted who I was and am now strong enough to follow that path.

These images were all taken in the Spring of 2011 at Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley National Park. This was during the period in which I was planning and getting ready for a transition to living as a female which officially started in August of 2011. More information about my story can be found at my personal website:



Elephants and Friends of South Africa and Namibia

These are images I am releasing from my trips to South Africa and Namibia. I went to Namibia first in 2009 with John Paul Caponigro to photograph landscapes on the Skeleton Coast. In 2010 I spent about six weeks in South Africa in Field Guide training. I followed up field guide training with a month of elephant research and conservation work in the Damaraland region of Namibia. These images are a recollection of those times. I have always loved elephants and the chance to spend so much time with them, to learn about them and the land in such depth is something I will hold with me forever and will surely mean future trips to Southern Africa. I invite you to share a piece of the journey with me through these images.


Proserpina - A Self Portrait

Updated with seven (7) new images!! View the the body of work called Proserpina - A Self Portrait. These images are the continuation of the Proserpina body of work and incorporate nude self portraiture to further show metaphorically the tie that societal pressures has on our individuality.


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